3 Main Fabrics Used in Pillows

Three main fabrics used in pillows; cotton, silk, and leather.

Pillows come in many fabrics. Fabric’s are made of fibers meaning, each fabric style is used for different reasons.


Silk is made of protein fibers and will burn easily. Silk is washable however when drying dry on low. You may also send to dry cleaning. If your fabric is a yellowish color your silk fabric may fade in dryer.


Cotton is made of plant fibers and burns when in contact with a flame. For this reason cotton is mixed with polyester so the fabric can be washed. Cotton will shrink in the dryer when its by itself. Unfortunately, polyester and cotton will still shrink when dried within the dryer. I recommend dry cleaning cotton fabrics to avoid shrinkage or fading.


Leather is made out of animal hide and is resistant to fire. Leather can get wet without receiving stains and can be wiped off. Leather is a good heat protector. You should not wash leather. There are special leather cleaner.

I recommend these leather cleaners:






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