How to Get Creative After You Fail

“Your failures can create something beautiful.”

–  Jasmine Benton

Moving Past Mistakes

Nothing is perfect.

No matter how hard you try to perfect an item or a living space it will never be perfect.

You may think you should be able to follow steps in a video but your product will never be like the one in the picture.

You are going to mess up and you may feel like giving up. However you don’t need to.

The best designs have not gone as planned.

Today I want to show you how to continue a project even after you have a “mistake”.


“You glued the wrong two pieces together.”


There is always to fix a craft if you have messed up. For instance, making Christmas decorations or holiday decorations.

Making holiday decorations is not easy.

They are never going to be perfect.

But don’t fret when you make a mistake it’s a excuse or way to use your creative abilities.

Find ribbon. rope or string to cover your mistake.

Or you can glue or tape another piece of your material to fit to fix the look.



“You cut your fabrics in the wrong shape.”

– You can always sew fabric to the the original to add more fabric. Almost like a quilt. Or you can change your design. Changing your original plan is never easy or satisfying. Although changing your design might create a new look that you will love.




“I do not like my furniture after I painted it!”

Painting furniture is exciting but messy.

Paint can not be erased. It can be sanded however that is not the same as erasing.

You can fix a paint mess up with sandpaper.


Sandpaper can remove paint, so you can start over, if you wish. Sandpaper can also be used for styling.

Styles you may consider:

  • shabby chic design

  • rustic, or vintage design.


Painting tape to create a new design

Painting tape can cove almost any mistake.

Cover the part of paint you want to save then paint the furniture areas that is not covered.





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