A Mix of It All

My Favorite Home Decor

My favorite home accessories are vases, trays, and pillows. Home accessories are key to decorating a space you may want to. These accessories should reflect who you are.



My collections are designed to show unique personalities. They are designed to fit anyone’s style.

Three Vase Collections

  • Paper Mache Vase Collection
  • Newspaper Vase Collection
  • Rope Vase Collection

Papier-Mache Vase Collection

This Vase collection is different from most Papier-Mache Vases. Instead of using newspaper, we use tissue paper to style each vase. Visit A Mix of It All – The Details!  to see why we use these materials and why they are important to Precious Designs.

Rose & Blue Vase Designs used on three different vases.



Newspaper Vase Collection

This Vase collection is designed to fit a modern yet, antique vase collection. This Vase collection is used with black and white words, instead of pictures.


Rope Vase Collection

This rope collection is inspired by two of my favorite materials. Rope and Paint. I combine both materials to create a new and fresh rope idea.




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