Design for you


Design For You

Design for you, by picking colors and textures you love. Not by picking something that is pretty and doesn’t immediately spark interest.


Precious Designs, creates designs specifically for each client. Depending on what the client wants or needs the client, Precious Designs does our best to get them what they want under the budget they have.

Not everyone can afford to buy new furniture. Which is why Precious Designs prides ourselves on designing with the budget of the client. We give them a beautiful design with a price they can afford.


Do you want to have a personalized furniture piece or decor?

We offer Re-Furbishing Services and Re-Upholster Services.


Designing Furniture For You

Precious Designs | PDESIGNSTX also designs the furniture piece we find for you. If we find the right piece or the right decor but the client wants a different color or texture, then we will refurbish it for you.

Getting a Design specifically for you or your child is one of the best ideas for “Off to College” shopping. PDESIGNSTX wants to create the furniture, that helps your child feel at home at college.


Off To College Sale


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