Traditional Style vs. Modern Style

The decor is beautiful. People love to see, unique colors and art. However, when it comes to displaying decor, people struggle with what to do with it. They are conflicted to follow the traditional style rather than the modern style and vice verse. Therefore I am going to show you the difference between traditional and modern decoration.

1. Art Gallery

Traditional Art Galleries

Traditional art galleries are typically symmetrical and contain in picture frames. They have been organized by category as well. This style is mainly to show the artwork, however in a more controlled way. This may not be how the original artist envisioned it.

Modern Art Galleries

Modern art galleries are typically asymmetrical. They do not contain picture frames, and they may be in any order. This style is malt to show the raw authenticity of the artwork.

2. Living Room Furniture

When people buy furniture from the store, they think that they have to match their furniture. Others think they can mix the styles of furniture. Believe it or not, mixing furniture styles is the traditional way of designing and matching furniture styles is the modern way of designing. 

The Traditional Living Room

In the traditional living room, the furniture is classic and may be outdated. There’s nothing surprising. Pieces are consistent and match. Furniture and accessories are paired and centered in the room. Nothing is out of place or any other style. It all looks like it goes together.

Taken by: Ann Lowengart

The Modern Living Room

In the modern living room, the furniture is because of its simple, functional nature.  In their homes and offices, many people incorporate pieces of modern style because many people strive for simplicity in life. They’re going to be drawn to the modern style because everything seems to be simplified.

3. Decor

Traditional Decor

Traditional usually has a neutral paint color on the walls so that colorful pieces of furniture, artwork and accent can pop up in the room. Fusing these bold accent colors with neutral walls creates an inviting and warm space that also feels worthy. Florals, paisleys, damasks, stripes and plaids are traditional decorative patterns for accent walls, pieces of furniture and cloths.

Modern Decor

The signature for the modern style is clean, architectural lines. Modern design colors are more earthy and have shades such as rust, turquoise, dark brown and olive greens.