Creating Your Seating Area

Creating your seating area is simple but at the same time, it can be frustrating. In order to create your perfect seating space, you need to find the chair you love. Find a chair that you can love because of its style and because of its functionality.

How to find your perfect chair?

Go to the thrift store.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This saying is true on many levels. If you’re on a budget and you want a small section or space to yourself, you can find good furniture at thrift stores. I suggest going to the Salvation Army, Good Will, or Antique Malls.

What does a sitting space need?

When designing your small space you should first think about what type of space you want. Do you want a chair and an ottoman? Do you want to have books and magazines in your space? Do you want them seen or hidden? All of these questions are important because it will help you determine if you want a bookshelf. Or it will help you determine if you want a side table and a basket underneath it.

Basic furniture needed:

1. Chair

When looking for your choice of seating, we suggest looking for something you love. You should love both the style and the functionality of the chair. Your chair can be a wicker chair, wooden chair, rocking chair, or a sofa chair.

2. Side Table

Find a small side table that you can put your drink and/or snack on while you enjoy your seating area. You also want to place to rest your books or your devices. If you can’t find a side table try an ottoman.

3. Rug

Rugs can seem overbearing at times. here are multiple ways to use rugs. Once can place the rug underneath the side table or ottoman. This serves a a stylish look. Rugs help with keeping your floor clean as well as adding a pop of color.

Are you Having trouble creating your Seating AreA?

Do you want help creating your small seating space? Are you to busy to create your seating space? We can help you create our seating space. Contact us now.