Plans of Next Steps

I don’t know about you but every time I make a decision about my future, life kind of laughs in my face. Ever since I I don’t know about you, but whenever I make a decision about my future, life laughs in my face. I’ve had everything planned out since I was a child. I had a general idea about what I wanted to do with my life. I held myself to a higher standard as a young interior decorator and child prodigy. I had my life planned out, but the thing is, I didn’t realize I didn’t need to plan it out. It’s funny because I didn’t realize it until I started college.

The majority of students either have a plan to attend college or have no idea what they will do once they arrive. As I previously stated, I had a strategy. I’ve been planning this since I was in eighth grade. It was a brilliant plan. The only problem is that I can’t plan my life. No one can do it. I mean, I’m capable. I can make plans for where I want to go, but nothing is guaranteed. “One of my good friends always says to me,” he says “It’s impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow. As a result, any plans I make will be subject to change.” The thing is, even though I had a plan for what I wanted to do with my life, I didn’t have a plan for who I wanted to be. For a long time, I thought my actions defined who I was. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

When I first arrived at college, I met a lot of new people and was in a completely different environment than I was used to. I saw people who inspired me and people who I knew were not supposed to be in my life. The majority of people are unaware of the amount of stress that a college student faces. Some people believe it is simple. Attend classes, do your best, and graduate. It’s as simple as pie. So, here’s something I’d like to tell you. This is not the case!!!

The majority of college students must attend classes and pay for their education on their own. Some college students do not have a support system and must still concentrate on their studies. Some college students’ lives may have been pre-planned. And they – we – do it all while attempting to navigate the path from adolescence to young adulthood. Making plans as a college student is difficult. It’s difficult not to lose hope or confidence. They can get lost while trying to figure out who they are. I recently lost sight of my true goal, and as a result, I lost myself. However, I believe that if some students have the right support system in place and are self-aware, they will not lose sight of themselves or their goals.

Here are three personal things that would have helped me stay motivated while at college:

Develop a Rewards & Consequences System.

Photo by Napendra Singh on Unsplash

Rather than waiting for someone else to congratulate you on your achievements or hold you accountable for failing to meet a goal, you can do it yourself by implementing a rewards and consequences system. It could resemble something like this.

Lesson: Holds you accountable for school while learning to save money. As long as you are staring on track with your coursework, you can use that money to splurge, buy something nice or even pay for bills.

Throw Out the Planner

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I know this sounds crazy, however I don’t me throw it out. I mean if you are Type A and live on to do lists, like me, then you might need to stop and breathe. It’s fine to put the planner in the drawer and head to the lake, the mall, or the mountains. Wherever your safe space is – go there. Allow yourself a day to reset and let the stress wash over you.

Lesson: Take a second and breathe. Working 24/7 isn’t going to help. Go to the movies. Take a step back and come back to whatever you are doing. Sometimes taking a break gives you a better perspective.

Creating a Your Routine

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Set a Routine – It is important to make time for study as well as time for yourself. Set a routine that makes room for personal wellness and health in addition to the study time that allows you to reach your academic goals.

Lesson: Developing a positive daily routine is both an investment in yourself and a way to do your best for the rest of the world. It also has other advantages, such as providing structure, developing forward-moving habits, and creating momentum that will carry you on days when you don’t feel strong enough to carry yourself.